Antxiola Rosado 2015

F 16 2 flasches


Rose Wine


Age of Vines

10-40 years.



Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel barrels for 20 days at 18°C- 20°C. Autochthonous yeast used in fermentation. Malolactic fermentation in stainless steel barrels for 30 days at 16°C.



Rose, young, naturally sparkling, made 100% with the autochthonous Hondarrabi Beltza (black) varieties (Basque Country native variety, where it originates and where it is grown exclusively). 
For elaboration, this wine was made 3 pressed from 2 vineyards aged between 20 and 25 years. The wine is macerated in the press, traced the must of wine for two hours. Filtered before bottling.

The alcohol content of wine is low and the acidity is high (which brings freshness) and
 displays potent and wild fruit aromas. Clean, bright and expressive. Color intensity medium pink with pale tints. Strawberry flavors, silky, tasty, and fresh with nicely balanced acidity, as characteristic of the variety Hondarrabi Beltza.