White Wine


Age of Vines

10-40 years



Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel barrels for 20 days at 18°C- 20°C. Autochthonous yeast used in fermentation. Malolactic fermentation in stainless steel barrels for 30 days at 16°C.



White, young, naturally sparkling, made with the autochthonous 100% Hondarabi Zuri. This wine rests on its lees until bottling. It is of a straw yellow color, subtle and delicate aroma, with noted fruity aromas. It has a slight, characteristic acidity. 
 It is customary to serve Txakoli by breaking it against the glass, between 8°C-10°C, to ensure that, together with the small carbonic bubbles, the fruit of its characteristic production, it gives off the whole range of fruity aromas.