Acustic Red

F 162 flasches


Red wine


Acístic origin

 The philosophy of this wine is based on the wisdom of the ancient vineyards of Garnatxa and Samsó (Carignan) and the old tradition of winemaking from the ancient vine growers.

It is an acoustic wine, sensitive from the roots of these ancient vineyards. A wine, that wants to express and claim the quality of the traditional viticulture, fighting against the globalization of the international varieties and modern winemaking style.

Come back to the traditional roots of the vineyards using the nowadays knowledge to express the environment of these wild vineyards among the majestic Montsant mountains.

It is possible to make fine and smart wines using the traditional varieties and expressing a unique singularity.



 Wine made from old vineyards of Garnatxa and Samsó (Carignan) in the D.O. Montsant. Vineyards located in the villages of Marçà, Capçanes, El Masroig, Els Guiamets, La Serra d’Almos , Darmòs , Siurana and Cornudella de Montsant between 300 to 700 meters of altitude.

Vineyards between 35 to 65 years old from harsh and stony soils of sand, clay, rolling slay stones and some “licorella” soil.



 Harvesting the grape when it is fully ripe and have achieved the complete tannin ripeness. Selection by hand in the vineyard and loaded into small cases to the de-stemming machine in the cellar. Then 15 days of maceration with the skin with several “pigeages“ every day. Pressed using a small vertical wooden pressing machine.

In October after pressing the wine is racked with its lees to the barrels, which are in the old underground tanks to start the malolactic fermentation.

It is aged during 9-10 months in 1 and 2 year old low toasted French oak barrels. No fining neither filtering to keep the expressivity of the wine.



 Natural label where there is a drawing, which can be an acoustic instrument like a cello of the great music from my village Pau Casals or it can be a grape berry with the lines of a red wine, depending on the acoustic feeling of oneself.



 Vineyard, pure unplugged juicy wine. The wine is made with two kind of grape: Garnatxa, which gives fruitiness, freshness and finesse and Samsó (Carignan), which gives color, structure and black fruitiness. It has an elegant blackberry, raspberry and judicious oak playing a backseat role. The palate is rounded and supple on the entry, with very pure, sweet, precocious black fruit balanced by good acidity.