When the Gallego brothers –Bienvenido and Nacho- launched their winery in 2005, they named their wines “Yotuel” (Me-You-Him), to represent the three generations involved in the project: their grandfather, who planted some of these vineyards, their father who tended the vines, and the two brothers, creators of the first wine under the family name. They own nine plots, some really old (their “San Miguel” vineyard is 90 years old, around 70 their “Valdepalacios”), some fairly new (“Nava”, “Pincharratas”). All the vineyards are located around 2500 feet height on the foothills of the Manvirgo mountain, where the shift in temperature between day and night can be 50 degrees during summer. This all helps the grapes retain acidity while growing in richness. The Gallego brothers cultivate their plots organically and always vinify them separately. The wines are fermented only with natural ambient yeast. Every year they make two blends (Roble and Selección) and some single vineyard releases.



Yotuel Roble 2013

Yotuel Selección 2010

Yotuel Finca Valdepalacios 2009