Fernando González and his wife Ana Pérez founded Algueira in 1998 and, over time, the project has grown to be one of the most respected wineries within the so-called Green Spain. This is an exceptional terroir: their 22 acres of land are planted in slopes right in the river Sil’s canyon, and even though there’s 1000 mm of rain a year, the vines live in very dry conditions, due to the extreme inclination of the plots and the little water retention of the slate-based soils. Their amazing vineyards (including the majestuous Carballocovo plot, a landmark in Ribeira Sacra) have mostly Southern exposure, getting enough sun and warmth to call this a Mediterranean climate, even though the influence of the Atlantic is undeniable. They planted indigenous varieties only: the reds Mencía, Brancellao, Merenzao, Caíño and Sousón; and the whites Godello, Loureiro, Albariño and Treixadura, all of them harvested heroically by hand.



Algueira Brandán 2013

Algueira Mencía 2015

Algueira Carravel 2013

Algueira Merenzao 2014

Algueira Brancellao 2013/2014

Algueira Pizarra 2012

Algueira Escalada 2014

Algueira Fincas 2011

Algueira Medialeva 2011